Nakilat included in MSCI Emerging Markets Large Cap Index (Qatar)

11 November 2020

Nakilat (“Qatar Gas Transport Company”; QGTS.QA) is pleased to announce that the company has been added to the Morgan Stanley Capital International (“MSCI”) Emerging Markets Large Cap Index as a constituent of the MSCI Qatar Large Cap index, effective as of the market close of November 30, 2020. This comes following Morgan Stanley Capital International Inc.’s (“MSCI”) Semi-Annual Index Review (SAIR) and its subsequent announcement on 10 November 2020.

The company’s inclusion by MSCI demonstrates the great confidence of capital markets in Nakilat. An MSCI inclusion will be viewed positively by the global investor community and enhances Nakilat’s profile worldwide. Nakilat is dedicated to grasp any opportunities in the global market, to propel the group’s long-term growth, and eventually maximize shareholders’ return.

Commenting on the inclusion to the MSCI Emerging Markets Large Cap Index, Eng. Abdullah Fadhalah Al Sulaiti, Chief Executive Officer of Nakilat said: “In the midst of the current unprecedent challenging time, we are very pleased to be included in the MSCI Emerging Market Large Cap index. This great achievement is a result of the company’s sustainable and balanced corporate strategy to achieve long-term impressive risk adjusted returns to Nakilat’s shareholders, which includes operational excellence, reliability and capturing lucrative business opportunities. Nakilat’s resilient business model and its equity story have been well recognized by the global capital market participants, which in turn, qualified Nakilat to be included back to the MSCI Qatar Large Cap index effective as of the market close of November 30, 2020. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to Nakilat’s the Board of Directors for their unparalleled support, empowerment, and strategic guidance which has supported for this great success.”

Al Sulaiti added: “As our focus has always been to deliver quality service to our charterers and to maximize returns for our shareholders, I am confident that this will further support us to expand our global foothold in the global LNG shipping industry. We assure all of Nakilat’s stakeholders that such success is not the end, however, it is the beginning for new stage for further achievements in the future.”

The MSCI Emerging Markets Large Cap Index is one of the widely used international equity benchmarks by institutional investors. MSCI is a leading provider of global equity indices and benchmark related products and services to investors worldwide.

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