As part of Nakilat’s corporate Governance, Environment and Social responsibility, we strive to comply to the utmost stringent requirements and the same is expected from our vendors, suppliers and contractors. Third parties interested to conduct business with Nakilat must abide by a similar ethics conduct as practiced by the company.

Click here to download Nakilat’s Third Party Code of Conduct.


Supply Department Strategy and Mandate

Nakilat’s supply department strategy has been devised to align with the company’s Vision and Mission statement. The implementation and success of this strategy relies heavily upon strong cross-departmental and cross-functional collaboration and connectivity. It has been developed to enable Nakilat to maintain a competitive position and earn a high return on its investments. This is achieved through effective and efficient 3rd party spend management for suppliers and service from the following activities:


  1. Complying with all laws, regulation and other legal requirements applicable to Nakilat in whichever jurisdiction Nakilat is doing business including but not limited to International Trade Laws, Sanction Regimes, Antitrust, ISM Code, SOLAS Convention, STCW, MARPOL and MLC
  2. Complying and promoting Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities
  3. Ensuring a business need is sourced and supplied at a competitive price with the right quantity and delivered to the right place at the right time
  4. Maintaining a continuity and contingency of supply while driving standardization, variety reduction, consolidation, value analysis and other cost reduction initiatives
  5. Applying rigorous Supplier Performance Management processes to ensure the value obtained during the pre-award stage is retained during the post-award stage while creating goodwill and enhancing Nakilat’s reputation for fairness and integrity in our dealings with suppliers
  6. Optimizing the working capital invested in the inventory by ensuring materials and spares are managed and controlled by means of Requisitioning, Movement, Traceability, Storage, Preservation and Documentation
  7. Aligning the procurement effort with Nakilat and its JV Companies to ensure cohesion, consistency and standardization of process to secure a higher commercial advantage