Nakilat holds fifth Annual National Forum and Launches “Bedaya” Programme

4 March 2019

Nakilat held its fifth ‘Annual Forum’ for its Qatari employees today. With the launch of “Bedaya” Programme, which means new beginnings in Arabic, the forum focused on sharing of personal and career experiences that help shape as well as influence their journey towards achieving their goals. The event was an excellent platform for National employees to learn about the company’s career development plans and programs, interact with senior management members and have their queries addressed during the various discussions held. The session also allowed senior management to gain insight into the experiences and challenges faced by Qatari nationals and marine cadets during their learning process at the company. During the one-day forum, they were also briefed about the company’s 2019 corporate strategy and the significance of incorporating Nakilat’s shared values in their daily activities.

In 2018, Nakilat achieved a Qatarization rate of 41%, which is among the highest in the local oil and gas industry. During the session, awards were presented to graduating marine cadets sponsored by the company, and to those who completed the National Development Programme. Through its wide-ranging Qatarization efforts, which includes supporting the training initiatives of various educational institutions in the country, the company aims to enhance the skills and abilities of its employees while raising awareness and interest in Qatar’s rapidly developing maritime industry.

Nakilat Chief Executive Officer Eng. Abdullah Fadhalah Al-Sulaiti said: “The annual forum is an invaluable platform to reinforce the importance of Qatarization to Nakilat and highlights the company’s commitment in supporting our Qatari staff to achieve their professional goals. This initiative comes as part of the company’s robust Qatarization program that focuses not only on recruiting talented Qataris, but also developing our existing talent pool and enable them to reach their full potential and become key contributors to the company and Qatar’s maritime industry, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030”

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