Insider Trading

According to the Governance bylaws issued by Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) which has defined the “insiders” in any publicly listed company to be ( Any person, due to the position, became acquainted with Information not available to the public. Such Information could affect attraction or reluctance of dealers in the securities of the Company or other companies in which the Company or the shareholders have interest, or could affect the Company’s ability to meet its obligations. This could include the Board members, Senior Executive Management, employees of the Company or any company of its group and others who have access to such Information due to contractual, professional or other relations).

Furthermore, QFMA Governance bylaw “Article 28” stipulated that (The Board members, Senior Executive Management, all Insiders, their spouses and minor children must disclose any trading and transaction they carry out involving the Company’s shares and any other securities).

Based on the aforesaid, Nakilat has identified all insiders within the organization who are potentially having access to significant information that directly or indirectly influencing Nakilat’s shares trading in Qatar Exchange.

Any insider trading in Nakilat shares is disclosed immediately on this page.

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