Corporate Governance

Nakilat believes that core values or a business philosophy cannot be mandated; but through well-defined and practiced policies and procedures, we can embrace the desired values and principles. The company’s values define the way Nakilat guides individual and organizational behavior to optimize performance and stewardship in our daily operations. Our Board of Directors is committed to the company’s long term sustainable value creation based on strong principles of governance, so that the company can continue to deliver constant value over time.

The economic value generated through a well-managed and governed enterprise not only benefits shareholders but also local communities through job creation and societal development by means of corporate social responsibility activities. Recognizing the relationship between good governance and sound financial performance, Nakilat strives to adhere to leading governance practices and complies to Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) governance guidelines.

Nakilat’s Board of Directors exercises their business judgment on matters critical to the company’s long-term well-being and best interest. Our corporate governance is designed to protect stakeholders’ rights and boost confidence in our governance approach. In addition, Nakilat believes that corporate governance is a fundamental component of a strong strategic management and therefore aims to undertake every necessary effort to raise awareness about the governance within the company.

We recognize that a company needs to have a transparent corporate governance with high levels of ethics, credibility, morals and integrity in order to avoid any misconduct that may harm its shareholders. For this reason, Nakilat advocates transparency, integrity and respect by making good governance part of our daily activities.

Nakilat governance report has been prepared in compliance with QFMA governance code and its shared with all concerned stakeholders and the public.


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